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Red Rock Resort, Las Vegas, NV
August 10-12, 2020

Dance Worlds is a unique one-of-a-kind multi-Competition & Convention World-Wide Event by INVITATION ONLY. It will be held at the Red Rock Resort, Las Vegas, NV coming this August 10-12, 2020 comprising 10 sponsor dance competitions and 1 sponsor convention.

There will be a total of 300 routines competing over this 3-day mega event consisting of the Highest Level 1st Place Small Groups, Large Groups and Lines. Petite/Junior Groups will compete on Day 1 with Teen/Seniors experiencing a full day convention. The reverse will occur on Day 2 with 2 Awards Gala Banquets on Day 3.

These 1st Place Top Score Small Groups, Large Groups & Lines in all 4 Age Classes will receive a “Bid to Win” to be “In the Running” toward the ultimate goal – an “Official Invitation” to Dance Worlds! Specific rules and explanations of the Bid/Invitation process are available online at www.danceworlds.com. The Dance Worlds mission is to create an event showcasing the BEST talent of the Top Competitive Dance Studios across the world among the LEADING dance competitions & conventions one time every two years. Net proceeds from each event will be donated to one or multiple dance-related non-profit organizations.

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The first ever global dance event honoring many of the most talented dancers from some of the greatest dance studios in the world. This is the CHAMPIONSHIP – A MULTI-COMPETITION & CONVENTION EVENT! Here we will witness the best of the best competing on the biggest stage in the industry.


THE DANCE WORLDS is a joint venture organized by competitions for competitive studios and dancers who pursue excellence in all genres of dance. This event showcases the BEST talent from LEADING dance competitions and conventions across the world. DanceWorlds is every two years and all net proceeds are donated to multiple dance-related non-profit organizations. Our primary goal is to share the spirit of competition while encouraging dancers to always strive for personal and professional growth. Our shared vision is to promote the arts and help the dance competition industry continue to thrive.


A unique one-of-a-kind multi-Competition & Convention World Wide Event by INVITATION ONLY! www.danceworlds.com